CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting.  CrossFit, Inc. describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied functional movements executed at relatively high intensity.  Hour-long classes include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching.  We often have a strength focused movement prior to the WOD. Performance on each WOD is often scored and/or ranked to encourage competition and to track individual progress. 

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Personal Training

If you are unable to attend the group On-Ramp sessions or your would like to schedule a personal training session with one of our coaches, please reach out through the Contact Form or call to get prices and time availability.

OnRamp Orientation Program

Anyone that is new to CrossFit must at ten the On-Ramp Program prior to participating in regular classes.

The On-Ramp is the course that teaches the foundational movements of CrossFit, plus other movements that are frequently used during WODs. On-Ramps also teach the language of CrossFit, meaning all the acronyms, the benchmark workouts, and the significance of Hero WODs.

Group On-Ramp sessions are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30.  Please reach out through the Contact Form or call to make a reservation.


The Kids class builds on the foundation of FUN. The skills addressed expand to include the majority of CrossFit’s foundational and auxiliary movements and the time frame extends to accommodate the developing abilities of kids. The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is develop and improve general physical fitness in order to prepare kids to be safe in sports (and life in general). But, despite the increased physical demands of the class, the focus of the Kids program is still on fun.

Kids class lasts 30-45 minutes,

asts 45 minutes- 1 hour


This class is the perfect bridge between the “fun” of the CrossFit Kids class and the intensity of the CrossFit Teens class. The workouts are more performance based and light loads are introduced all with the goal of preparing the athletes for the rigors of sport and the next level of CrossFit all in an age appropriate setting that will allow the athlete to thrive.

Pre-Teens class lasts 45 minutes- 1 hour


Our teens and Preteens programs have one major goal in mind-

PERFORMANCE. This program will teach your teenager how to be explosive and powerful in whatever athletic endeavor they choose to participate in. On top of that, because the workouts are constantly varied, they are less likely to fall prey to the overuse injuries that plague common training routines and year-round sports.  Teens classes will evolve into classes that look much like adult classes.  We will also look to add weightlifting sessions (by invitation only based upon the individuals teen’s movement mechanics and desire).

Teens class l

CrossFit Wrecking Ball Summer Athletic Training Program 8Weeks

This summer, CrossFit Wrecking Ball will be holding an athlete training program. Athletes or nonathletes of all ages, sports, and abilities are encouraged.(Middle school,high school,club/travel teams,college,and beyond).

Over the course of the 8week camp, all participants will work to increase their cardio­respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility/mobility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, balance, and overall fitness levels. All participants will go through progressions of different exercises, including weightlifting, gymnastics/bodyweight movements, and sport specific drills.Wewillalsoholdabaselinetestalthestartofcamp, and re-test at the end to see progress.Every day will be setup ditterenUy, so participants

will continually be challenged, and their bodies will not”plateau” or get used to the training, which leads to a decrease in results.




Program dates: 7/2-8/24

Mon and Wed 9am-1Oam

2 x per week $225, if registered prior to 6/15

2 x per week $250, if registered after 6/15

Register now by emailing or call Mark at 603-974-7053