Our programming is designed to develop a base layer of strength and improve conditioning simultaneously. There is no doubt that the stronger you are, the easier it is for you to complete tough work outs.  The challenge in developing both at the same time lies in the balance of the two.  Our goal is to make our athletes fitter and more mobile than they were each time they step into the gym.  We also believe our programming should be sustainable over a long period of time.   Professional Athletes reach a peak in their careers in their late 20s and retire sometime between 30-40 years of age.  We are working on being fit for life here, so it doesn’t make sense to train exactly like a professional.  A lot of Crossfit Gyms see every day in the gym as test day, which is not sustainable over time.  We want our athletes to be on our team for life, not being forced into early retirement due to overuse injuries.  We define fitness as being balanced in competency of movements, strength, and conditioning.  98% of injuries are avoidable with quality coaching.  Injuries should not be an expectation at a crossfit gym.


There are many ways to go about programming and unfortunately most people don’t have the time in their lives to dedicate to doing all of the things they SHOULD be doing.  We understand that you have a life outside of the gym.  Our programming is designed to give you bang for your buck – or – managing your time efficiently in the gym so that you can demonstrate your fitness in life. The key to getting better is Consistency.  Whether you do P90x, Olympian programs, Zumba, or whatever else – it only works if you are consistent in your training.  If a workout destroys your body and prevents you from coming to the gym for the rest of the week, we aren’t meeting the intent of the program. Conversely, if your program doesn’t have a plan for progression and retesting to see if you are getting better, then we are also missing the point.  There are no quick fixes to fitness.


What you (the athlete) can expect

– On a typical day at our gym, you’ll come in and begin with a warmup that will take about 10 minutes.  Our trainers will be there to demonstrate and watch your form as you perform the movements.  The goal here is to get hot, sweaty, and to lubricate the joints. This is called Dynamic Stretching. The days of the quad and hamstring stretch are long gone.  We are smarter than that now.
Next you’ll move into the strength portion of the workout which will usually take between 10-20 minutes.  The trainer will review the movement and help you develop a plan for how much weight to use. The programming focuses on 5 basic movements each cycle (each cycle being about 4-6 weeks).  The goal is to develop competency in the movement by gaining maximum exposure to the lifts.  You’ll experience 3-4 weeks of increasing weights before hitting a week of lighter work (This is called deloading)  Deloading allows your muscles some time off to repair themselves, without constantly breaking them down with heavier weights.  After you complete a cycle of 5 lifts, the next cycle will focus on 5 different movements.


Next you’ll go through a conditioning session.  We will focus on workouts that bring a diversity of the movements available to us in Crossfit, but you won’t likely see any of the strength components in this portion.  In this part of the training session, we want you moving fast and breathing hard.  The weights will be much lighter and safety is paramount to this portion.  Typically we will focus on shorter workouts between 5 and 15 minutes long. Periodically, we will have a workout that is longer than 15 minutes.  Typically, we see better results with shorter periods of work followed by a specified period of rest and it is important to keep that in mind during the workout.  Our trainers will tell you what your goals are for the workout and ensure that it is scaled appropriately for your individual level so that you are meeting the intent of the programming.  It is important that you understand that you don’t have to do the workout exactly as it is written.  Each workout can be tailored specifically to you, and the trainer is there to help you do that.  Finally, your time at the gym will be completed with mobility and stretching that is designed to ensure that you are taking care of your tissues and muscles.  You will likely be putting your body through something it has never experienced before, and just like your car, it will need some regular maintenance to ensure it keeps running properly.


60% of the workouts per month will consist of a conditioning session less than 10 mins in length for 4-5 days per week, 30% of the condition workouts will consist of Max (all out effort) High Intensity Training(1-2 times a week for 3 of 4 weeks), and 10% of the conditioning will test mental toughness (a workout over 20 mins of work – roughly 2 days per month)


We’ll cover this in more detail during our On Ramp Classes, but please ask our trainers if you have any questions or need clarification as well!