What we expect – We can help you tailor the training to your specific needs and goals, but the important piece is staying consistent with a plan, testing results, and modifying the plan if necessary to meet your goals.

Just show up – Consistency is the most important aspect.  Life unfortunately happens, but don’t skip the workout!  You don’t have to do everything that is listed for the day, just come join the people that share the same goal of being better than they were yesterday.

Understand that change takes time – People spend their entire lives working out and they still have lots of things to improve upon.  Stick to the plan, come do the workouts and you’ll see results faster than you think.

Talk to your trainer – We live and breathe fitness, but unfortunately we aren’t mind readers.  If something hurts or you are having second thoughts about something, please communicate that with a trainer.

Have fun – The gym is a place to blow off some steam and forget about life for a little while.  You’ll have an absolute blast sharing this experience with others in the gym, so much so, you’ll look forward to coming every day. Believe it!

Everyone has their limitations – Crossfit is about finding out what need to work on and making it better.  Everyone in the gym can relate this struggle and we all work together as a system of support.

Nutrition – Nutrition is the most significant impact on fitness.  Simply by changing diet and not working out, it is possible to become healthier, but in fact good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.  Because nutrition can be somewhat confusing, it’s important to ask questions of your coaches – they’re here to help.  Your body needs the good stuff, so little by little you can start to make the changes for a healthier lifestyle that will last you well beyond the gym.

Supplements –  Fish oil, Protein, Creatine.  The research results are in.  They have been in.  Just take it.  It’s all good for you.