CrossFit Wrecking Ball Barbells for Boobs Event- 10/21/2016

CrossFit is a major pillar for promoting and preaching a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’ve been personally affected, or have a friend or family member who has battled cancer; it’s tougher than any WOD we’ll ever do. Through
early detection, treatment and support, many are able to fight valiantly in the face of this illness. “Barbells for Boobs” is dedicated to promoting early detection of breast cancer while also helping individuals gain access to testing and treatment centers.

According to the Barbells for Boobs website, nearly 1 out of 8 women will develop breast cancer within their lifetime and nearly 7% of them will be under 40 years old.
The grant program within Barbells for Boobs provides funding to breast centers nationally as a resource for thousands of men and women who do not
qualify for government funding or other charitable resources in the detection of breast cancer.
And with any sort of detection program, the earlier, the better- more treatment options and lower chances for a more serious problem to occur.

This program thrives off of athletes young and old who workout for the Barbells for Boobs cause.
The Wrecking Ball team is ready for this year! The workouts will be “Helen Meets Grace” or “Grace”, your choice.

“Helen Meets Grace”
For time:
Buy in: 15 Clean and Jerks 135/95
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
12 Pull Ups
Buy Out: 15 Clean and Jerks 135/95


For time:
30 Clean & Jerks 135/95

CrossFit Wrecking Ball Faith and Fitness Events- First Saturday of Each Month at 4 p.m.

On January 7, 2017 4pm kick off your new year’s resolution at CrossFit Wrecking Ball in Plaistow, NH, a Rogue equipped CrossFit Affiliate. Faith and Fitness will host another Free Faith&Fitness workout. We will have several CFL1 Trainers on hand and we welcome everyone of all faiths and fitness abilities to join. Admission is FREE and it is open to the *public. We invite you to bring your friends and family and enjoy the short devotion and workout followed by a fellowship with Free Paleo snacks and water. See you there!